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  • Gondrake

    Gondrake is the capital city of the fledgling kingdom of [[meriador]] and is the seat of power for its ruler, King Bronmark. *Notable Inhabitants* [[:king-julius-bronmark]]: LG male human Aristocrat 18 Chancellor Narrin: NG male human Aristocrat 13 …

  • Tir Feldar

    This is a small hamlet in [[Meridaor]], nestled at the southernmost base of the Snowreach Mountains. It's tiny population of just under 100 had been harassed constantly by [[:king-urrevor]] and his Ghost Riders. Its modest fortifications and chapel, …

  • Newkeep

    Newkeep is the northernmost hamlet on the eastern coast of [[Meriador]]. *Notable Inhabitants* Malwick Aranda Restik [[:samuel-granger | Samuel Granger]]

  • Meridaor

    The kingdom of Meriador encompasses a region some several hundred miles long and wide, bordered in the north by the [[Valdan Wilds]], and tapering to a point in the south where the captial city [[Gondrake]] is located. The region is administered by …