Tir Feldar

This is a small hamlet in Meridaor, nestled at the southernmost base of the Snowreach Mountains.

It’s tiny population of just under 100 had been harassed constantly by King Urrevor and his Ghost Riders. Its modest fortifications and chapel, not to mention many houses, had been razed by the half-hobgoblin warchief and its inhabitants often kidnapped and sold into slavery.

Since Urrevor’s defeat Tir Feldar’s ruler Fionn MacFeldar has devoted his efforts towards rebuilding his tiny community and petitioning Meriador’s rulers for increased patrols in the area.

Notable Inhabitants
Lord Fionn MacFeldar: male human aristocrat 4
Deirdrui MacFeldar: female human aristocrat 3
Grainne: female human cleric (Ehlonna) 3
Brenainn: male human warrior 2 (town constable)
Gerhard Vocheck: male dwarf ranger 12

Tir Feldar

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