Evil, death, knowledge, trickery

Mordet’s worshippers include killers and crones; she offers both merciful death and bloody revenge. She can appear as an ancient woman swathed in dark robes with grey, wiry hair, or she can appear in a sleek while dress, young and beautiful and utterly cold. She is said to have pity only for the children she take in her embrace – all others are treated equally, king and pauper, or gnarled old widower.

Mordet’s command of passing time also gives her power over prophecy. Her statues and icons show her with a goblet or chalice, which grants visionary powers to those who drink from it.

In a certain sense, Mordet is a goddess of equality. Humans and humanoids, even dragons worship her, hoping to avoid her embrace for as long as possible. Elves, hoverer – except the drow – refuse to recognise her. Her sacred animals are the raven and the wolf, as those animals feed on carrion.


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