Olaf Shinsplitter

A ferocious fighter fuelled by rage


Olaf was found as a child by a mountain barbarian tribe after his parents’ merchant caravan was attacked by a dire wolf pack. The tribe killed the wolves and took Olaf, the only survivor, raising him as their own.

His few possessions are those scavenged from the site of his tragic adoption: a dire wolf pelt that he wears as a cloak, a dwarven runestone from a lost outpost, and an ornate dwarven warhammer. His pelt gave rise to his alias “the stone wolf,” and the runestone is the only connection he has to his people and his past.

Olaf knows very little about his own people and has learned to deal with other races only by mimicking the wild humans who raised him. He is quick to anger and routinely resorts to violence and intimidation to achieve his aims. Long used to fighting in blizzard-like conditions, Olaf has developed a sixth-sense for fighting without being able to see his target.

Olaf seeks to find the origins of his runestone, and has been wandering the mountains looking for the dwarven and gnome outpost that he is certain holds the answers to his past.

Olaf Shinsplitter

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