New Frontiers

The Restless Dead

Wherein Baron Vostark is released from the material plane

The party break through the roadblock and are quickly ambushed by a wolf, zombies and skeletons in the crypt intersection. Jubei dispatches the wolf, Radishe and Isaac destroy / command the undead.

They try to convince lesser guardian door to let them pass. Both Radishe and Isaac are unsuccessful. Iskawan more luck, though it isn’t totally convinced about the others. The party descends to the castle sub-basement and crosses the hallway to the hatchery. The black sand and eggshells puts them off attempting to traverse the room.

The adventurers head south to the central burial chamber. Inspecting the wall tapestries, they are able to determine basic history of Harfel Vostok: famed knight, rewarded for service, brought low in conflict with powerful religion, on losing side of major battle. Iskawan opens Vostark’s tomb, releasing the deranged alip inside. It badly damages Jubei’s wisdom (7 points) before being driven away to the north by turn undead. Party takes the opportunity to try to escape, but accidentally trigger the pit trap. Radish and Jubei fall inside it, leaving Iskawan and Isaac to rescue them. The alip returns just as Jubei is rescued, who fends off the alip as the others pull Radishe to safety. Alip is destroyed by the combined efforts of Jubei and Radishe, leaving the party free to plunder Vostark’s tomb.



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