New Frontiers

Raiding the Raiders

The PCs press upwards into the castle tower

The adventurers hear the sound of frantic activity coming from the courtyard and from above them. They charge upstairs to find eight hobgoblin bandits preparing to charge down. Iskawan casts enlarge person on Jubei, who charges in and kills one, intimidating the rest, who drop their swords and try to shoot him. Jubei and Radishe charge in, with the others proving ranged support. The hobgoblins are soon dispatched, with no PC casualties. The hobgoblins in the next room provide similarly little resistance.

The party raid the hobgoblin’s barracks, finding gold and hobgoblin porno. In the lull after the combat they became aware of commotion outside. They’re shocked to find the courtyard in chaos: the stable is aflame, the skeletal steeds running amok in the harsh sunlight, while the hobgoblins in the courtyard scramble to bring them under control.



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