New Frontiers

Goldilocks: A Reprise

A family killed, a back door created

The party rests in the badger tunnel, Radishe setting up caltrops in the cave opening. The second dire badger returns during his watch and, after sniffing around in the entrance, charges through the caltrops down the left hand corridor. It finds the remains of its partner and comes after the party. It reaches Isaac first, goring him unconscious before coming across Jubei and Iskawan. It resists Iskawan’s sleep spell but is cut down by Jubei.

Radishe uses Inflict Wounds to revive Isaac. The party pushes the two badger corpses to the front of the cave and dispatches the dire badger pups in the back of the cave.

After wandering the cave network they come across the way through the crumbling castle wall to the remains of the griffin stables, not noticing the giant hunting spider. They investigate the griffin bones in the sally port, hammering a piton into the ground to tie a rope to, allowing Isaac to safely traverse the slippery path. The noise attracts the attention of Vistola’s air elemental, which alerts Vistola and allows her to set up an ambush in the next corridor.

The party spend the next 30min pulling down the stone sarcophagi blocking the corridor.



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