New Frontiers

First Impressions

Eyes on the prize, adventurers

The adventurers leave the summit tower heading north. By the early afternoon they come across an imposing statue of Baron Harfell Vostok; their first indication that the castle Gryphon Rock is close. They inspect the statue and are able to recall basic info about the (very) late King Valdan and Baron Vostok: The Valdan Wilds are named for the former king, and Baron Vostok was a knight who was granted Gryphon Rock as a reward for his service protecting the kingdom from the barbarian hordes of the Valdan Wilds.

The party reaches Gryphon Rock in the mid afternoon, approaching along the southern road. Iskawan spots movement at the top of the castle which looks like fighting. As he watches, a die falls from atop the tower, hitting him square between the eyes; the party quickly assume that whoever is atop the tower is gambling and fighting.

The party circle around the castle, following the path to the pear orchard. They are attacked by a pair of hook ravens, which scare Jubei Miramoto off with their baleful glare before Iskawan casts sleep on them and they’re both killed.

The party follows the game trail to the base of the castle, where they discover the dire badger den.



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