New Frontiers

A Light in the Dark

An unexpected ally is found, and a coffin is put to unlikely use.

Iskawan uses Detect Magic and guesswork to determine Vostark’s helm has a Daylight spell on it but doesn’t know how to activate it.

Jubei jumps the pit trap and ties a rope to the statue to allow the others to climb across. The party attempts to get past the greater guardian door with no success, so instead head southeast to the imprisoned lantern archon. They approach the cage of blood with caution, especially when the archon starts communicating telepathically (its communication is limited due to the cage’s interference):
Lantern Archon: Who?
Iskawan: Iskawan of the (whatevers)
LA: Intent?
Isk: Honourable.
LA: Release.
Isk: How?
LA: Magic imprisons, magic will destroy.

After some debate, Isaac experiments with his charnel touch on the cage, observing that the magic seems bolstered by his touch. Jubei touches his wakisashi to the cage bonds, noticing that they snap. He then draws his katana and slices the bonds, severing enough to break the cage and release the archon. The archon, Tabrec, profusely thanks the PCs and offers what information he can on himself, the castle and its inhabitants – namely that he knows little of the castle and its layout, but that there is an evil hobgolbin cleric who routinely tries to interrogate him, a female wizard and another that they both answer to. He assures that the party will “have an ally amongst the archons” before teleporting away.

Iskawan detects a secret door in Tabrec’s prison room, which Radishe finds. They follow the tunnel to the tomb of the defender, where they attempt to dispatch the pair of zombies, but accidentally awaken the Tomb Defender and more zombies. The adventurers are initially beaten back, but Isaac makes the entire lot cower in awe with a powerful rebuke. Iskawan casts enlarge person on Jubei, who crushes the defender with the lid of a sarcophagus and dispatches the zombies with his (now huge) katana. They find Morgang’s stash and then sneak up into Sparky’s den. Iskawan casts sleep on the hell hound, allowing Jubei a coup de gras.



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